The Eaten Path

For November's brunch, the gang headed south to Cuatro.  Here's the scoop:

thumbs up
  • Half price sangria on Sundays
  • Super tasty house chipotle sauce 
  • Good food at reasonable prices.
  • The live Brazillian jazz was warm and mellow. Lots of Carlos Jobim and samba -- not so loud that it was distracting. 
  • Good pancakes.
  • They made their chilaquiles with a delicious fire-roasted green tomatillo sauce.

thumbs down
  • Not specifying that the pineapple is baked into the tropical pancakes (for those who have a thing about fruit in breads). 
  • No allowing substitutions to leave the cheese out of the French toast to accommodate a dairy issue. 
  • The huevos rancheros were a bit tame (but the house chipotle livened it up nicely). 

3 1/2 stars.

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