The Eaten Path

For November, we headed up to the Wilde Roast in NE.  Here's what we thought.
Mpls St Paul Magazine just chose Wilde Roast Cafe as a "top spot" for brunch/breakfast.  Who were we to argue? 

I absolutely adored this place!  It is comfortable and lovely.  I could cozy up in front of the fireplace for hours!  I like that it is quick and efficient counter service.  I love their Wilde Roast blend coffee.  Our only beef with the place was how they serve a large coffee, it comes in a large pint glass, hard to maneuver it back to the table.  We've since figured out the secret... order a medium to get the handle mug and then do the 75 cent refill)  We got the creme brulee French toast with cherries and peaches.  The French toast at Cafe 28 was pretty incredible, but I liked this one even a little more than that.  It was sweet, but not too sweet. Fluffy, not soggy.  Fresh fruit baked into the bottom.  I did dip it into the whipped cream (how could I resist!?), but I didn't need a drop of the syrup.  The eggs benedict was also delicious!  The potatoes are wonderfully herby and cooked in marsala wine.  The benedict has a fantastically flavorful hollandaise sauce (that I also dipped my potatoes in!).  Jess called it "lick your plate" good!  It also has ham, not Canadian bacon, which I prefer.  Sometimes, the Canadian bacon is a little salty for me.  My only complaint is that the eggs were just slightly overcooked. I like my poached egg yolks a little runny.  These were medium -- not solid, but not runny either.  I will just ask for them to be a little less done next time.  The breakfast sandwich was pretty straight-forward, but good.  The steel-cut oatmeal was thick, creamy and hearty, It came with roasted almonds, which was a nice touch.  Overall, a lovely brunch.

4 stars.

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