The Eaten Path

For December, the Chicago kids headed out to the very popular spot: the Bristol.  Apparently, it lived up to the hype!  The main consensus was: "TASTY!" and "YUMMY!".

One thing that came up in nearly every review was the portion size.  They are smaller than portions in most of the other places we have been.  That being said, it seems that they have found the right balance of big enough to be filling, but not so big that you feel over-stuffed.  Good work!

The other thing that came up in nearly every review was about the candied bacon.  Now, I am jealous that I missed this one!!  One of our non-bacon lovers even admitted to liking it and even gave that comment an exclamation point. 

The breakfast potatoes also got high marks for their crunchiness and good flavor.

Some of the specific dishes:

Braised pork chilaquiles with salsa roja, cilantro, lime and fried egg ($9):
"tasty and flavorful, but not too spicy"

Fennel sausage skillet ($9):
"Great. The blend of sweet, leafy and starchy vegetables was tasty, and they were cooked just right for my tastes."

Bacon Manhattan ($9): 
The bacon-infused Dewars with maple syrup and bitters Manhattan was smokey smooth with a touch of sweet. The candied bacon on top was amazing!

The malted Waffles with maple Anglaise and candied cashews ($9) were also a happy selection.

Service and kitchen get a special nod for nicely allowing the pork (their thing!) to be taken out of one of our non-meater's meals. 

The only thing that got any sort of negative comment was the sausage patty.  Just eh.

4 1/2 stars!

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