The Eaten Path

For October, the Chicago gang headed to Chalkboard in Lincoln Square.  The Thick Cut Nitrate Free Bacon was a crowd favorite! The coffee came from Julius Meinel next door and was delicious, as usual.  There was some disappointment that the Cured Salmon with Johnny Cakes were not available, but the Big plate of Roasted Potatoes, Chorizo, Chicken, Cheese and White Beans: "Breakfast Cassoulet" was a hit.  Two people got the Pound Cake French Toast with Lavender Yogurt and Mixed Berries. One thought it was so tasty that she practically licked her plate.  The other liked the dish itself, but thought the portion was skimpy for the price. 

A few mixed reviews...  The Whole Grain Blueberry Waffles with Real Vanilla Maple Syrup was noted as "good flavor and tons of fresh berries, but odd texture."  The Daily Egg Scramble had a decent combination of flavors, but far too many cherry tomatoes in proportion to the other ingredients, like the goat cheese that was barely included.

Overall, the group thought that the service was good and that the place has a nice ambiance.

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