The Eaten Path

This spot made me so happy.  We got there a little early and we had some folks who were going to be a little late.  No problem!  They sat us with an incomplete party and started us with coffee and the yummy bacon sake mary's -- so good!!  The bacon and sake gave it a nice savory flavor. The coffee kept coming during the entire time we were there.  No prompting necessary.  They also brought little plates of breakfast breads and homemade spreads out as starters.  Very tasty!  We split the French toast and the bacon cheddar hash.  I loved the flavors in the hash, but wish it had more cheddar.  It was barely noticeable in there.  The bacon was delicious though!  Maybe my favorite bacon in town so far.  The French toast was good, but pretty straight-forward.  I could make that at home.  It was well-prepared though and the berries that came with it were nice and fresh.  If you don't like your French toast fancy, I'd recommend it.  Other folks at the table got the steak and eggs (the homemade spicy bacon marmalade was fantastic!), the cheddar chive biscuits with gravy (nice twist on a Southern favorite), the eggs benedict (another winner in town!), the smoothie of the day (smooth and fruity) and the egg scramble (lots of fresh toss-ins).  Our server gave us great recommendations and warned us that substitutions are not going to happen, so we should choose what we want as it is on the menu.  Fair enough.  The room was nice, but a little drafty.  I love old Craftsman houses though, so I didn't mind.  It was a great little spot with friendly service and yummy food.  I'll be back.

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