The Eaten Path

Sunnyside Up Cafe
2702 Lyndale Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Let me just start by saying that I would really like to give this place 3 1/2 stars because it is actually better than a 3, just not quite a 4 for me.  Okay, now that that is out of the way...

I have been by this place so many times.  I have never really known what to make of it.  Looks a little divey.  Crazy painted murals.  There usually seem to be good crowds though, so I mentally bookmarked it.  My friend was in town for a visit and really wanted French toast.  I went onto Yelp and saw the good reviews, so we decided to give it a go.  We got there before 9:30, so we walked right in. By 10:30, there was a little wait, but only one or two groups.  Not bad.  

We were greeted very nicely at the door and our server was friendly, helpful, attentive and completely on top of it.  Our coffee and water were never empty. Our plates were cleared quickly.  Our check was brought before we finished with a "when you're ready" to let us know that we could still linger a little longer.  

Food:  We split the benny special with roasted tomatoes, spinach and ham.  Yum!  Everyone was right about the hash browns.  Delicious and a great combination of crispy and tender.  We also split the French toast.  The flavor and crunchy outside bits were great.  A little bit dry for me, but that didn't outweigh the positives.  We didn't love the coffee.  It was just a bit bitter.  Not horrible, but not great.  The prices were really reasonable for the portions and quality.  We were a little shocked that we were both so stuffed and had spent less than $18 (before tip).  

The atmosphere had a good neighborhood gathering spot feel to it.  Lots of families and obvious locals.  The colorful southwestern murals were simultaneously cheerful and bizarre.  I had a view of the fun coyote frying an egg for a tortoise.  My friend had a view of a hawk grabbing a lizard for a snack.  It just didn't gel with the gritty grandma's diner sort of vibe in the rest of the place.  

So, I guess my summary is: don't go for the ambiance or coffee, but do go for the food and neighborhood feel.

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